Spring at JAX Germany 2015

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Spring at JAX Germany 2015

The Spring Team is stacked for JAX Germany - and yes - even with some native German speakers from engineering!

JAX Germany has an excellent lineup of Spring, Microservice, Cloud Native App and Big Data speakers over three days. 12 speakers from Pivotal, Siemens, Inovex, Adesso, and Oose Innvoative will deliver their expert perspectives on Spring, Microservices, REST, NetFlixOSS, Cloud Native Applications and Big Data. And here's the best thing: Hands on Workshops! Get hands on with Microservices and uber Java Blogger Eberhard Wolff. Also, an end-to-end API to web example - REST / Web App / Database from Oliver Geirke, our Spring Data Team lead. Also, you'll want to see former SpringSource CTO Adrian Coyler, and featured Pivotal speaker/engineer Dr. Dave Syer. If you want learn about how applications are being designed for Cloud Native Platforms, and what real code is shipping today for Java developers to get working with microservice architecture - ignore the fast followers and come hear from the leaders.

Don't forget to visit the Pivotal booth for demos, interaction, and your chance to meet and learn from the experts and professionals who drive the innovation!

Click here for the full session list, or check out Pivotal's speaker lineup right here and now (note many abstracts are in german, so you may need google translate.)

Mon, Apr 20th, 9:00am | From database to web - end-to-end REST web services with Spring - Oliver Gierke (workshop)

Mon, Apr 20th, 9:00am | Microservices Workshop - Eberhard Wolff (workshop)

Tue, Apr 21st, 4:45pm | Building Microservices with Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS | Dave Syer

Tue, Apr 21st, 9:45am | Project Flux: Connecting the Desktop IDE to the Cloud-based Era of Developer Tooling | Martin Lippert

Wed, Apr 22nd, 8:30am | What's new in Spring 4.2? - Oliver Gierke

Wed, Apr 22nd, 10:30am | The Spring ecosystem - Felix Heppner, Hermann Woock

Wed, Apr 22nd, 2:15pm | What's new in Spring Data - Christoph Strobl

Wed, Apr 22nd, 4:00pm | Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud - Eberhard Wolff

Wed, Apr 22nd, 5:15pm | Spring Data REST - Repositories meet hypermedia - Oliver Gierke

Thu, Apr 23rd, 8:30am | Hystrix in Action - a way to robust software - Gerrit Brehmer

Thu, Apr 23rd, 2:15pm | RESTful Hypermedia-APIs - Kai Tödter

Thu, Apr 23rd, 3:45pm - Development of Big Data Applications with Spring XD - Thomas Darimont

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