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SpringOne Platform

Engineering | Josh Long | April 14, 2016 | ...

The Bigger Picture

Let's talk about Pivotal. Our ambition is to make business more agile, to reduce the time around the innovation loop; speed is the single biggest advantage an organization can have. Pivotal's main "product" is agility. This translates naturally into technology. Microservices are well-defined, small, easy-to-evolve, independently deployable batches of functionality. They lend themselves to rapid iteration because they're small. Spring Boot and the Spring ecosystem make short work of standing up new microservices and applications, and Spring Cloud handles the complexity in distributed computing. Cloud Foundry automates the continuous deployment and management of applications. Distributed systems create valuable data which, when processed, can help drive direction. Pivotal Labs, our transformation arm, is a pioneer in agile development methodologies and continuous delivery, both essential when iterating in a dynamic market.

A Larger Audience for the Bigger Picture

Success in 2016 requires a larger discussion between technologists than is happening today. The industry needs a bigger discussion to get people from more diverse communities and disciplines collaborating and communicating under the same roof. This is why we're launching SpringOne Platform, to be held in Las Vegas at the Aria hotel on August 1-4, 2016.

Besides the obvious benefits of an unparalleled wealth of expertise from across the various Pivotal communities and appearances from luminaries like Adrian Cockcroft, community of increased communication, a wider perspective on modern software, and a bigger audience, there are many very practical benefits:

  • Vegas, baby!
  • Social time to meet and network with your peers, pivotal leaders, sponsors and partners
  • Recorded session content - so you and your colleagues back at the office don’t miss a thing
  • Highly affordable pre-conference training classes from Pivotal education
  • Pivotal recruiting for job seekers
  • Highly engaged and relevant sponsors

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the conference - it’s a unique opportunity to join several thousand people in expanding the conversation around modern software transformation! With over 225 submitted talks you can expect an amazing program, so consider getting the early price on tickets and / or pre-conference training before it expires on April 15th.

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