This Week in Spring - April 26th, 2016

Engineering | Josh Long | April 26, 2016 | ...

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I'm in Budapest, Hungary, for the amazing Craft Conf. This show is a very special show indeed. Special, for me, first in that I'll be joined by industry titans like Adrian Cochroft, Jez Humble, Sam Newman, and Kyle Kingsbury, and in that I'll join two of my friends from Pivotal - Andrew Clay Shafer and Bridget Kromhout (also titans)! I'm so excited to be among these, and many more, that I can hardly contain it and I recommend you consider making the trip if it's convenient, one day, yourself.

Now then, we've got a lot to get through so let's go!

  • Spring Integration ninja Artem Bilan has just announced Spring Integration 4.3 M2 is Available. The new release supports a graphable enumeration of all the components in a running Spring Integration system, support in the FileReadingMessageSource to use the DirectoryWatcher from JDK 7 (finally!! I even developed code that used native implementations and JNI to react to filesystem changes a few years ago and used that to underpin a file message source in 2009!), Google Cloud Messaging extensions (XEP) to XMPP, statically compileable Groovy scripts, and so much more! Get the bits and check it out!
  • Janne Valkealahti just announced Spring Statemachine 1.1.0.RC1. The new release includes plenty of small features and one huge feature: Eclipse Papyrus UML modeling support!
  • Spring Batch lead Michael Minelle just announced that Spring Batch 3.0.7 is now available!. This release includes several useful fixes if you're using newer dependencies from the latest Spring Data release and is a very recommended update.
  • Spring Security lead Rob Winch has just announced Spring Security 4.1.0.RC2. The new release is packed with new features! Take a look and let us know!
  • Spring and Spring Reactive ninja Sebastien Deleuze's posted a great introduction on why Reactive types are useful and how they compare to other asynchronous types, based on what the team's learned while working on the upcoming Spring Framework 5 Reactive support.
  • Spring Boot and Spring co-lead, Dr. David Syer, has just announced the latest release of Spring Cloud Brixton, RC2, which includes a lot of cool new features and polish. Definitely get the bits and try it out!
  • Last week I joined Simon Maple, Daniel Bryant and Markus Eisele for the first official ZeroTurnaround webinar - this one on microservices - and it was a lot of fun! The video is up, but unfortunately as we we were recording the GotoWebinar infrastructure seemed to have a melt down. It became impossible, at one point, for Markus to share his screen (though it recovered long enough for him to work later) and the recorded videos were.. subpar. :/ Anyway, it's still watchable, though you'll have to squint to see the type. Enjoy!
  • Check out our friend Julien Dubois' blog on using JHipster's fabulous new Spring Cloud integrations on Heroku
  • our very own Kenny Bastani posted a writeup of how to use Spring Cloud with Reactor to address some CQRS and event sourcing usecases.
  • The Cloud Foundry now has a go-to resource to learn all about Cloud Foundry and its ecosystem, The Cloud Foundry Planet. Read this then hurry on over and get your Cloud Foundry ecosystem fix.

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