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Spring Data Geode 1.0.0.APACHE-GEODE-INCUBATING-M2 Released

Engineering | John Blum | April 29, 2016 | ...

I am pleased to announce the release of Spring Data Geode 1.0.0.APACHE-GEODE-INCUBATING-M2, offering support for the recently announced Apache Geode 1.0.0-incubating.M2 release.

Spring Data Geode is a specific version of Spring Data GemFire with support for Apache Geode rather than Pivotal GemFire.

Both Spring Data GemFire and Spring Data Geode are based on the same source repository in GitHub, however, Apache Geode support lives in the apache-geode branch. Therefore, you won't find a separate Spring Data project specifically for Apache Geode, but this is of little consequence since your existing knowledge of Pivotal GemFire combined with Spring Data GemFire will be immediately useful and transferable to Apache Geode and Spring Data Geode.

Last year I wrote a blog post detailing Spring Data GemFire's support of Apache Geode. However, many things have changed since then.

First and foremost, the Spring Data GemFire, Apache Geode support now has a separate artifact, spring-data-geode. Additionally, I have opted for a more logical and intuitive version number, 1.0.0.APACHE-GEODE-INCUBATING-M2. And finally, the new artifact/version is even available in Maven Central now, like Apache Geode itself. Yay!

So, a developer need only declare the following dependency in her Maven POM or build.gradle file to start developing Apache Geode applications with Spring...

// Maven POM


// build.gradle

dependencies {
    compile ''

The separate artifact will help users more easily distinguish the support for Apache Geode from the long-time support of Pivotal GemFire using Spring Data GemFire.

The version number (1.0.0) along with the version qualifier (APACHE-GEODE-INCUBATING-M2) not only indicates the level of maturity for both Spring Data Geode and Apache Geode, but correspond to one another and also indicates what release version of Apache Geode is being supported.

What's New?

This release includes support for Apache Geode's

More information about Apache Geode can be found on the website. Please refer to the Spring Data GemFire project page along with the reference guide on how to effectively build Spring applications using Apache Geode.

What's Next?

I plan to finish the Spring Boot Starter for Apache Geode along with Spring Session support.

I also have ideas on how to improve the user experience when configuring either Pivotal GemFire or Apache Geode using Spring Java-based configuration. You can track my progress on this effort in SGF-492.

As always, feedback or help is greatly appreciated.

Happy coding my friends!

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