Spring for Apache Kafka 1.0 Release Candidate 1 Available

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On behalf of the Spring Integration and Spring Cloud Stream teams, I’m pleased to announce that the spring-kafka (Spring for Apache Kafka) Release Candidate for version 1.0 is now available.

The artifacts org.springframework.kafka:spring-kafka:1.0.0.RC1 and org.springframework.kafka:spring-kafka-test:1.0.0.RC1 are available in the Milestone repository.

First of all many thanks to everyone involved, to active community members, who provided feature requests and contributions. Special thanks to Martin Dam, who spent a lot of time helping us with the pause/resume algorithm to handle slow listeners.

There have been a number of reworks and housekeeping since the Second Milestone including:

  • A ConsumerRebalanceListener can be injected into the MessageListenerContainer;

  • The KafkaConsumer and KafkaProducer can be customized with (De)Serializer s for key and value in the ConsumerFactory and ProducerFactory, respectively; this is an alternative to configuring using the properties.

  • JsonSerializer and JsonDeserializer s are provided, based on the Jackson library;

  • A RecordFilterStrategy and the FilteringMessageListenerAdapter are provided to allow skipping records or dealing with duplicate deliveries;

  • A self-explanatory RetryingMessageListenerAdapter is provided;

  • A ListenerContainerIdleEvent is emitted, after a configurable time, when the MessageListenerContainer has moved to an idle state;

  • TopicPartitionInitialOffset is provided to allow configuring the MessageListenerContainer to be assigned to specific partitions in the topic(s) and, optionally, seek to the desired offset when starting;

  • The @KafkaListener 's @TopicPartition attribute is enhanced with the @PartitionOffset property for initial offset configuration;

  • Improvements for consumer rebalance events.

Pause and resume for slow listeners

The main feature that has been implemented for this Release Candidate, is pausing/resuming the KafkaConsumer when the target listener is slow to process records. If we don’t poll KafkaConsumer within the session.timeout.ms, Kafka presumes our consumer is defective and initiates a partition rebalance process, when using group management for partition assignment. To stay alive, we have to poll consumer. Consider the case where Kafka returned a large number of records on a poll and it takes longer than the session timeout to process them. For this purpose, the MessageListenerContainer can be configured with enablePause, pauseAfter and queueDepth - and the KafkaConsumer will be paused (polling continues but no records will be received) until the listener completes its work and the consumer is resumed. One more time thanks to Martin Dam for his help with this feature and his testing.

See also the Reference Manual for more information.

Spring Integration Kafka Support

Don’t miss the Release Candidate for Spring Integration Kafka 2.0 which is reworked to be based on this Spring for Apache Kafka foundation.

Next Steps

We expect to release the GA in about a week, so please give the candidate a try and report any issues as soon as possible.

Project Page | Documentation | Issues | Help

Spring One Platform

Gary Russell will be talking about Spring for Apache Kafka at Spring One Platform, which is taking place in Las Vegas between August 1-4 this year. There are many other great talks so check the agenda and get your ticket if you haven’t done so already.

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