Spring Integration 4.3 GA is Available

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Dear Spring community,

I’m pleased to announce that Spring Integration Framework 4.3 GA is now available from repo.spring.io, as well as Maven Central! Also the maintainance 4.2.8 version has been released, too. Together with an internal 4.2.7 release it includes some important bug fixes.

In addition to the feature themes mentioned in 4.3 RC1 announcement, the GA release includes several major changes:

  • Upgrade to Spring Framework 4.3 GA, Spring AMQP 1.6 GA, Spring Security 4.1 GA;

  • The FtpRemoteFileTemplate now provides ExistsMode option to control how an exists() operation should work;

  • The FileSplitter lets represent FileMarker object as a JSON string (markersJson option) to avoid an additional spring-integration-file dependency on the consumer applications in distributed environments;

  • A new JdbcLockRegistry feature has been introduced. Special thanks to Dave Syer!

  • The Integration Graph has been improved with generic gateway nodes and LinkNode now has a type (input, output, error, discard, route) property for better visualization experience;

  • Other minor improvements and simple and not only (WebSocketStompSessionManager.connect) bug fixes.

The release addresses over 150 JIRA issues. Also see the What’s New for a summary of the major changes. We are very grateful for a number of external contributions to the project - thank you all!.

And as a teaser, not related to the release, but a new cool feature from legendary Andy Clement - Spring Flo for Spring Integration. This project is fully based on our latest Integration Graph JSON model and lets to visualize an integration model and refresh it at runtime:


The work is still in progress, so stay tuned!

Spring Integration 4.3 is designed as a straightforward upgrade for all 4.x users. We will keep supporting the 4.2.x line until the end of this year; however, we recommend an upgrade to 4.3 at your earliest convenience. As previously hinted at, the 4.3.x line will enjoy an extended support life until 2019, within the general Spring Framework 4 system requirements (JDK 6+, Servlet 2.5+ etc.).

Next up: Spring Integration 5.0, with Spring Framework 5.0 foundation and some Reactive Streams support. Don’t miss SpringOne Platform conference this August in Las Vegas to hear from us about all the new features and future plans!

Project Page | JIRA | Contributions | StackOverflow (spring-integration tag)

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