Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.0 RC1 released

Releases | Mark Pollack | June 21, 2016 | ...

On behalf of the team I am pleased to announce the release of Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.0 RC1.

Several exciting new features have been added in this release which carry over to the other Data Flow Server implementations that were also released today.

Data Flow Local Server

Data Flow for Cloud Foundry

Data Flow for Apache YARN

Data Flow for Kubernetes

Data Flow for Apache Mesos

Follow the links above for details on features unique to each individual runtime platform. The highlights of the release are:

Data Flow Designer Screenshot

  • Batch and Task Events can be used as a source in a stream definition on YARN and Kubernetes server implementations.

  • Improved security by enabling HTTPS access to the server endpoints and support for basic and OAuth 2.0 authentication. The UI and shell have also been updated to support HTTPS and authentication.

  • The server now uses a RDBMS instead of Redis for stream/task definitions, application registration, and job repositories. Running a Redis Server is only required for analytics functionality. The default configuration uses an embedded H2 instance, but Oracle, SqlServer, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, H2, and HSQLDB databases are supported. To use Oracle and SqlServer you will need to create your own Data Flow Server using Spring Initializr and add the appropriate JDBC driver class.

  • Feature toggles to enable/disable analytics, stream, and task functionality. By default, all three are enabled using the configuration.

  • For all of the servers, including Data Flow Local Server, applications are no longer pre-registered. This helps decouple our out of the box applications’ releases from the Data Flow Server release lifecycle. As a convenience, a list of the latest stream applications are available via user-friendly public URLs. For example, the shell command

    $ dataflow:>app import --uri http://bit.ly/stream-applications-kafka-maven

    will load the latest applications with the kafka binder and hosted via our maven repository. See the reference guide for more information on registering groups of applications.

  • To support centralized and consistent management of an application’s configuration properties, Spring Cloud Config client libraries have been included into the Spring Cloud Data Flow server as well as the Spring Cloud Stream applications provided by the Spring Cloud Stream App Starters repository. You can also pass common application properties to all streams when the Data Flow Server starts.

  • You can further customize our Spring Cloud Stream and Task application starters by using this version of Spring Initializr.

  • Whitelisting of Spring Boot application properties gives the shell/UI information to show a preferred set of boot properties to display for code completion and application info.

  • Naming changes. The UI can now be found under the URL http://localhost:9393/dashboard. All references to ‘module’ have now been replaced with ‘app’.

For the complete list of features, bug-fixes, and improvements, please refer to the closed 1.0.0.RC GitHub issues.

We welcome feedback and contributions! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know via GitHub Issues, StackOverflow, or using the #SpringCloudDataFlow hashtag on Twitter.

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