SpringOne Platform 2016 Recap: Day 1

Engineering | Josh Long | August 02, 2016 | ...

by Josh Long and Pieter Humphrey

Spring's central to a key message: software is business differentiating functionality, and everything that defers an organization's from delivering better software, faster and safer, should be automated or eliminated. SpringOne Platform captures that narrative with talks on all things continuous delivery.

The SpringOne Platform 2016 event shows how everything about this show has been bigger and better than ever! We've doubled the conference attendance from 2015, with record (2000+) attendees, 200+ talks, 30+ sponsors, amazing speakers from Netflix, Paypal, Microsoft, Google, Rakuten, Heroku, Red Hat, and many others.

The show kicked off on monday night with hands on training, ignite talks, sponsor workshops, and open Cloud Foundry feedback forums. And yes, we are recording everything for you, even the ignite talks.

Tuesday morning, after kickoff from Pieter Humphrey and Andrew Shafer

The general sessions and keynotes introduced Pivotal and how it reduces the cost of change -- starting with VP of Cloud R&D Onsi Fakhouri.

We looked Pivotal's culture of improving communication to improve software, and we looked at its culture of inclusion and diversity.

Surprisingly viral tweeter and Spring Boot project lead Philip Webb defined DevOps for all of us that have been wondering:

and then proceeded to drop an epically amusing and informative keynote about the history of Spring as a series of feedback loops and how that informs the cloud native future.

We then looked at how technologies like Cloud Foundry and Spring are the secret sauce enabling agility and speed-of-development.

Today we saw great talks on all aspects of the development lifecycle, including agile product management with Pivotal Tracker.

And we saw great talks on open-source projects that played an important role in the Spring ecosystem, like Google's gRPC..

and we saw Ordina release the 1.0 version of their Spring Boot Dashboard, today!

and we saw Stormpath unveil 1.0 of their SDK and auto-configuration for Spring Boot today!

We saw talks that looked at the integration opportunities that you get when you combine the best toolkit for building cloud-native applications (Spring), and a cloud (Cloud Foundry).

We saw great talks from Pivotal customers who are doing amazing things with Pivotal technology and culture to deliver real value to their customers.

In particular, the talk on how Accenture is helping Comcast deliver better software on top of Pivotal Cloud Foundry was pretty epic!

And so was this talk from Citi

And a great talk on Unikernels

and of course there are lots of selifes and wonderful banner art!

and of course Stephane and I shared our love for great banner art!

We cannot wait to discover what is going to happen tomorrow -- this is just day one ! Check back here for tomorrow's day 2 wrap up!

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