Java DSL for Spring Integration 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is available

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Dear Spring Community,

I’m pleased to announce that the Java DSL for Spring Integration 1.2 RC1 is available now.

Since the previous Milestone 2 we had a good deep feedback for our new features and some API has been broken to reflect real requirements.

As usual, big thanks to everyone who created issues, raised Pull Requests, provided feedback or just asked questions on StackOverflow.

The artifact org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-java-dsl:1.2.0.RC1 is available in the Milestone repo. So, give it a shot for last chance to raise a GH issue for any feedback!

Now about the changes in the 1.2 RC1:

Poller errorChannel

We can now specify errorChannel on the Poller definition. Previously we had to configure entire, separate MessagePublishingErrorHandler:

e -> e.poller(Pollers.fixedDelay(100)

Instead of:

public ErrorHandler filePollingErrorHandler() {
    MessagePublishingErrorHandler errorHandler =
                               new MessagePublishingErrorHandler();
    return errorHandler;
e -> e.poller(Pollers.fixedDelay(100)

After introduction late-binding support for the MessagePublishingErrorHandler in Spring Integration Core, that will be even easier just with the bean name for the MessageChannel.

FileSplitter improvements

Files.splitter() spec now provides more options to configure underlying FileSplitter:



The manual flow registration process has undergone some improvements:

  • an IntegrationFlowRegistrationBuilder is returned from the IntegrationFlowContext.registration(IntegrationFlow) for providing more options during registration IntegrationFlow bean and all dependent components;

  • an IntegrationFlowRegistration is a result of IntegrationFlowRegistrationBuilder.register() call. This object provides some useful IntegrationFlow properties and lets to control the lifecycle of IntegrationFlow associated with it;

  • you can now add additional beans to register, required by the provided IntegrationFlow. For example DefaultFtpSessionFactory is required by the Ftp.outboundAdapter(). They are destroyed and removed from ApplicationContext together with the IntegrationFlow they are associated.

    this.integrationFlowContext.registration(myFlow) .id("myFlow") .autoStartup(false) .addBean(new Foo()) .addBean("bar", new Bar()) .register();

See Gary Russell's amazing Sample about dynamic TCP Clients for more information.

Apache Kafka support

We decided to drop Apache Kafka 0.8.x support (Spring Integration for Apache Kafka 1.3.x) in favor of Apache Kafka 0.9.x and 0.10.x. The recently introduced Kafka09 has been deleted and its content has been moved to the Kafka factory. And now the dependency on the matter is Spring Integration for Apache Kafka 2.1.x, based on the Spring for Apache Kafka 1.1.x to provide Apache Kafka 0.10.x. Meanwhile the same Kafka DSL factory and dependent components can be used with the previous Spring Integration for Apache Kafka 2.0.x version on classpath.

Apache Kafka 0.8.x support can be achieved through the direct Spring Integration for Apache Kafka 1.3.x adapters usage. Or you can simply copy/paste org.springframework.integration.dsl.kafka package from Java DSL 1.1 to your project and continue to get a gain from fluent builder API of Kafka factory!

Next Steps

We expect to have General Availability for version 1.2 in about a week. After that spring-integration-java-dsl will definitely move to the Spring Integration Core 5.0 and Java 8 code base. The current 1.2 version will be still supported, but just for bug fixes.

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