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Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache YARN 1.1.0.RC1 released

Releases | Janne Valkealahti | November 23, 2016 | ...

On behalf of the Spring Cloud Data Flow team, I am pleased to announce the 1.1.0.RC1 release of Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache YARN.

Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache YARN allows one to use all the goodness of Spring Cloud Data Flow (like the Shell and UI) while targeting Apache YARN as a backend. Stream components are deployed as individual apps in Apache YARN, leveraging the power of the platform to handle scaling and health monitoring.

This first release candicate

  • Builds upon Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.1.0.RC1 and Spring Cloud Deployer 1.1.0.RC1.
  • Support for keeping multiple deployer versions in hdfs.
  • Preparation of supporting upgrades on Ambari when these become available with Ambari future versions.

To get started using Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache YARN follow these steps outlined in the reference documentation.

For a complete/cumulative list of changes and improvements, please refer to Server 1.1.0.M1 release, Server 1.1.0.RC1 release, Deployer 1.1.0.M1 release, Deployer 1.1.0.RC1 release.

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