Spring Integration 5.0 Milestone 1 Available

Releases | Gary Russell | December 02, 2016 | ...

We are pleased to announce that the first milestone for the 5.0 version of Spring Integration is now available.

This is a new major version, based on Spring Framework 5.0 and requires Java 8; this is the biggest change so far, but the following are also included:

  • The Java DSL is now rolled into the framework itself; there are some minor changes to the DSL, such as the removal of the .handleWithAdapter() methods and some general Factory classes. A complete discussion of the DSL changes can be found in the Migration Guide.

  • Upgrade to Spring Data Kay.

  • Upgrade to Spring AMQP 2.0.

  • First class support for TCP/UDP has been added to the DSL.

  • Spring Integration is now based on Reactor 3.0 and Messaging Gateway Promise methods now have to be changed to return Mono.

  • You can now configure mid-flow transactions via TransactionHandleMessageAdvice for adviceChain Messaging Annotations attribute and <transactional> sub-element when using XML configuration.

And of course another goal of this new Spring Integration generation is to add Reactive Streams support. Right now, it is represented by the ReactiveChannel and ReactiveConsumer. Also, all of the out-of-the-box MessageHandler s are now Reactive Subscriber s with the ability to process messages from an upstream MessageChannel including back-pressure support, when a ReactiveConsumer is used.

For complete information, see the What’s new in the reference manual and the JIRA release notes.

More new features & improvements and, of course, more Reactive Streams support in the upcoming milestones.

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