Spring AMQP 1.7.0.RELEASE (and 1.6.7) Available

Releases | Gary Russell | January 19, 2017 | ...

On behalf of the Spring Integration team I’d like to announce that Spring AMQP 1.7.0.RELEASE is now available.

This release is mainly an intermediate version between 1.6.x and 2.0 for Spring Boot 1.5 and IO Platform Brussels dependencies compatibility.

However, there are several improvements and new features to explain here:

  • Upgrade to Amqp Client 4.0 with appropriate RabbitConnectionFactoryBean changes

  • Upgrade to Log4j 2.7 and required breaking change fix for the log4j2.AmqpAppender

  • Upgrade to Spring Retry 1.2 with important StatefulRetryOperationsInterceptor.setUseRawKey(true) for backward compatibility

  • a new spring-rabbit-junit artifact is provided with several utilities (like BrokerRunning @Rule) which can be useful for testing Spring AMQP applications

  • The SimpleMessageListenerContainer can now be started without queues to listen to at all. They can be provided later at runtime via addQueues()

  • a ConnectionNameStrategy is provided for the ConnectionFactory to allow to identify application connections in the Broker or other monitoring and tracing tools

These were previously announced with the release candidate.

In addition; several bug fixes have been included as well as the addition of a new CorrelationDataPostProcessor for the RabbitTemplate to enable creation/update of correlation data for publisher confirms, after message conversion has occurred.

This feature is also available in the 1.6.7 Maintenance Release, which is also available now.

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