Spring Integration Extension for Hazelcast 1.0.0 M2 Available

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On behalf of the Spring Integration community I’d like to announce the second Milestone of Spring Integration Extension for Hazelcast and its artifact is spring-integration-hazelcast.1.0.0.M2, which is available in the Milestone Repository.

The project has been around for some time and there has not been so much activity since the previous Milestone 1 and it only recently gained enough community traction to warrant a release. So, first of all, big thanks to you, the community, for your contributions!

Some highlights of the features included to this Milestone:

Hazelcast Leader Election

If you need to elect a leader (e.g. for highly available message consumer where only one node should receive messages) you just need to create a LeaderInitiator:

public HazelcastInstance hazelcastInstance() {
    return Hazelcast.newHazelcastInstance();

public LeaderInitiator initiator() {
    return new LeaderInitiator(hazelcastInstance());

Then when a node is elected leader it will send OnGrantedEvent to all application listeners. See the Spring Integration Reference Manual for more information on how to use those events to control messaging endpoints.

Hazelcast Writing MessageHandler

The HazelcastCacheWritingMessageHandler now can resolve DistributedObject at runtime against incoming Message via cacheExpression property. Supported types are IMap, MultiMap, ITopic, ISet or IList:

public IMap<Integer, HazelcastIntegrationTestUser> distMap() {
    return testHzInstance().getMap("Distributed_Map1");

@ServiceActivator(inputChannel = "distMapChannel")
public HazelcastCacheWritingMessageHandler hazelcastMessageHandler() {
    HazelcastCacheWritingMessageHandler handler =
                   new HazelcastCacheWritingMessageHandler();
    return handler;

Hazelcast Cluster Monitor Inbound Channel Adapter

The HazelcastClusterMonitorMessageProducer enables to listen to the modifications performed on cluster. This is an event-driven channel adapter and listens to related Membership, Distributed Object, Migration, Lifecycle and Client events:

                 monitor-types="MEMBERSHIP, DISTRIBUTED_OBJECT" />

<bean id="instance" class="com.hazelcast.core.Hazelcast"
        <bean class="com.hazelcast.config.Config" />

We would like to hear any feedback from the Community before we go straight forward to the 1.0.0.RELEASE, so, do not hesitate to contact with us via any available communication channel!

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