Spring Team and Pivotal at OSCON Austin 2017

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Join the Spring Team and Pivotal experts at OSCON Austin May 10-11, 2017! Pivotal will be at booth # 104 9:45am - 7:00pm on Wednesday May 10 9:45am - 4:30pm on Thursday May 11

We will have experts available to talk to you about leading open source projects like Cloud Foundry, Spring Framework, Apache Tomcat, and much more. Stop by and learn about Cloud Native applications from the leaders at Pivotal.

Don't miss these talks on Cloud-Native applications, Microservices, Cloud Foundry, Product Management and much more!

Tutorials - Tuesday May 9

9:00AM - 12:30PM Ballroom F Tutorial: Cloud-native Java - Josh Long https://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/oscon-tx/public/schedule/detail/56607

1:30PM - 3:00PM - Ballroom F Tutorial: Building amazing cross-platform command-line apps in Go - Ashley McNamara https://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/oscon-tx/public/schedule/detail/56760

Keynotes and Sessions - Wednesday May 10

5:05PM - 5:45PM - Meeting Room 9C Branding is the most cringeworthy term you want to know about - Neha Batra https://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/oscon-tx/public/schedule/detail/57034

Keynotes and Sessions - Thursday May 11

11:50AM - 12:30PM Scaling massive, real-time data pipelines with Go - Jean de Klerk Meeting Room 9 A/B https://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/oscon-tx/public/schedule/detail/56357

5:05PM - 5:45PM - Meeting Room 12 There is only Zuul: Configuring and customizing the Zuul API gateway - Spencer Gibb https://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/oscon-tx/public/schedule/detail/57109

Update: a 50% discount for independent consultants and freelancers from the organizers!

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