Spring Integration for AWS 1.1 Release Candidate 1 Available

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Dear Spring Community!

Today I’d like to announce the first Release Candidate of the version 1.1 of Spring Integration for Amazon Web Services. Its artifact


is available in the Milestone Repository.

Thanks to everybody contributed!

Some highlights of the features since the previously announced Milestone 1:


The KinesisMessageDrivenChannelAdapter has been improved to handle properly expired and throttled shard iterators. Also it now skips closed shards. Some other bug fixed have been provided after early community adoption.


The ConcurrentMetadataStore implementation for the AWS DynamoDB is now provided via DynamoDbMetaDataStore component. This metadata store can be used in the KinesisMessageDrivenChannelAdapter for distributed checkpoint management between instances in the cluster.

Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder

In addition it’s my pleasure to announce here that we already have started the AWS Kinesis Binder implementation for Spring Cloud Stream. The solution is fully based on the Spring Integration AWS and already has some traction from the community. Check its project page and an appropriate sample in the Spring Cloud Samples! Especial thanks to Peter Oates (@oatesp) and Jacob Severson (@JacobASeverson) for their valuable time and quality contributions!

The General Availability release for version 1.1 is going to happen in a week. After that we will switch to the version 2.0 based on the Spring Integration 5.0 and Spring Cloud AWS 2.0.

Of course any feedback is welcome via all available communication channel!

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