Reactor Bismuth-SR3 is now available

Releases | Stephane Maldini | October 27, 2017 | ...

A shipment of fixes and goodies has arrived and it is brought to you by the new Bismuth-SR3 Bill Of Material. This version is now used by Spring Framework 5.0.1 ! Our site reflects those latest updates.

Reactor-Core 3.1.1

release notes

A quality update including more than 20 fixes and just a couple new features: Kotlin extensions for Reactor conversion from Publisher and the Flux#limitRequest operator alternative to Flux#take with an explicit upper limit to the produced demand.

We are now working on 3.1.2.RELEASE. Have a look at our issues backlog for a more detailed scope.

Reactor Addons 3.1.2

release notes

We now have official Kotlin extensions for some of our extra operators and we will continue adding some in the future. This version highlight is the addition of Retry, Repeat and Mathematic extensions. We are quite excited by the possibilities offered with the kotlin extensions and we encourage our kotlin users to try reactor-extra !

Take a glimpse at some of those convenient extensions :

data class User(val age: Int,val name: String)

val userList = listOf(User(18, "bob"),  User(80, "grandpa"), User(1, "baby"))

     .retryExponentialBackoff(4, Duration.ofMillis(100))
     .max { a, b -> b.age - a.age }
     .map { }

We are now working on 3.1.3.RELEASE, and our community is invited to submit ideas for more extensions or operators. We already see a certain interest into traceability, circuit breaker and routing and will evaluate how to scope those features in the coming weeks.

Reactor Netty 0.7.1

release notes

A recommended update that fixes lifecycle issues that could stall our connection pool in specific situations. Also our HttpServer now correctly deals with HEAD request and matching response content-length. We identified and fixed a regression in Netty SSL handling, it affects versions ranging from 4.1.14 to 4.1.16. Please monitor the next 4.1.17 Netty version if your application depends on stream large payloads over SSL.

We are now working on 0.7.2.RELEASE and the following 0.8.0. We still have on-going investigations and we are processing a wave of new feedbacks thanks to the final Spring Framework release popularity. 0.8 aims to build on this maturity and delivers a major API quality improvement.

What happened to SR1 and SR2?!

Unfortunately we suffered twice from a POM generation issue, while these versions exist in Maven Central, they both present a defect with the definition for reactor-extra. Please refrain from using the Bismuth-SR1 and Bismuth-SR2 BOMs as well as reactor-extra:3.1.1.RELEASE. Fingers crossed the next version should be Bismuth-SR4 prior to Spring Framework 5.0.2.

See you soon ?

If you are interested in all the new bits and our next plans, the full team will be at Spring One Platform and a dedicated session is planned. In addition, Reactive programming with Reactor will be covered by most of the Spring tracks !

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