Spring Integration 5.0 Release Candidate 1 Available

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On behalf of the Spring Integration team I am pleased to announce that the Release Candidate 1 for the Spring Integration 5.0 version (5.0.0.RC1) is now available.

It can be downloaded from the Milestone Repository:

repositories {
    maven { url 'http://repo.spring.io/libs-milestone' }

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.0.0.RC1"

20 JIRAs (and some GitHub issues) are included in this release, together with bug fixes and a number of new features. Some highlights of features in the RC1, since the previously announced Milestone 7:

  • The components populated by the Java DSL parser are now registered as BeanDefinitions in the application context, thanks to newly introduced in the Spring Framework 5.0 Supplier-based programmatic bean registration. This approach helps us to avoid some boilerplate code for singletons registration and initialization. In addition this BeanDefinition registration may be useful in some use-case to select particular components in the application context. In fact, exactly that is used in the Spring Cloud Function project for java.util.function.* beans scanning.

  • The IntegrationFlows.from(Class<?> serviceInterface) has now overloaded version with an additional beanName argument. This becomes exactly the bean name for a generates gateway proxy overriding the [flowId].gateway value:

    @Bean public IntegrationFlow uppercaseFlow() { return IntegrationFlows.from(MessageFunction.class, "uppercase") .<String, String>transform(String::toUpperCase) .get(); }

This us useful again in the mentioned above Spring Cloud Function when we expose the function as an entry point into the microservice by its bean name. Also this is convenient with manually registered integration flows via IntegrationFlowContext, when we have "ugly" generated bean name for the IntegrationFlow.

  • The HTTP Inbound Endpoints (including WebFlux) now correctly handle the ResponseEntity in the reply message:

    @Bean public WebFluxInboundEndpoint errorInboundEndpoint() { WebFluxInboundEndpoint endpoint = new WebFluxInboundEndpoint(); RequestMapping requestMapping = new RequestMapping(); requestMapping.setPathPatterns("/error"); endpoint.setRequestMapping(requestMapping); endpoint.setRequestChannelName("errorServiceChannel"); return endpoint; }

    @ServiceActivator(inputChannel = "errorServiceChannel") public ResponseEntity processHttpRequest() { return new ResponseEntity<>("<500 Internal Server Error,{}>", HttpStatus.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR); }

This way we have aligned Spring Integration Channel Adapters for Web with the existing behavior in Spring MVC and Spring WebFlux.

  • In addition to upgrade to the latest Spring Web Services 3.0 and Smack 4.2.1, we have fixed the handling for the DOM POX messages in the Spring Integration Web Services Gateways.

  • Some Leader Initiators now may emit OnFailedToAcquireMutexEvents, when they fail to obtain the lock for shared resource. It happens very often, so check LockRegistryLeaderInitiator#setPublishFailedEvents() for more information.

  • The JdbcChannelMessageStore can now be supplied with the custom MessageGroupPreparedStatementSetter for some non-standard message store structure or different from default Java serialization behavior.

  • The ClientStompEncoder has been introduced to properly populate a SEND STOMP frame when we use StompSubProtocolHandler from the client side.

Special thanks to several community members for their ongoing active contributions to the framework; scan the commits and give them some kudos!

For a complete list of changes in 5.0, also see the What’s New chapter in the reference manual.

We expect GA in a couple weeks - just in time for Spring Boot 2.0 GA!


I along with most of my colleagues on the Spring team will be at Spring One Platform speaking about these new features in Spring Integration. So sign up now!

Any feedback, feature ideas, critics, bug reports and questions are welcome via appropriate communication channels:

Project Page | JIRA | Contributing | Help | Chat

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