Spring Session Data Geode/GemFire 2.0.0.RC1 Available

Engineering | John Blum | November 07, 2017 | ...

On behalf of the Spring and Apache Geode/Pivotal GemFire communities, I am pleased to announce the release of Spring Session Data Geode and Spring Session Data GemFire 2.0.0.RC1 releases.

Both releases build on:

  1. Spring Framework 5.0.1.RELEASE

  2. Spring Security 2.0.0.RC1

  3. Spring Data Kay-RC1

  4. Spring Session core 2.0.0.RC1

  5. Spring Boot 2.0.0.M5

The artifacts can be acquired from Spring libs-milestone:





repositories {
  maven { url "https://repo.spring.io/libs-milestone" }

dependencies {
  compile 'org.springframework.session:spring-session-data-geode:2.0.0.RC1'

What’s New!

This release builds on the 2.0.0.M2 release by applying Java 8 types (e.g. Stream) and Lambda expressions to simplify the codebase.

In addition, I have included a new sample demonstrating how to use Spring Session backed by Apache Geode (or Pivotal GemFire) to build Spring Boot Web applications that use either "session" or "request" scoped proxy beans.

This sample proves that "session" scoped proxy beans defined in the Spring container are still managed properly even though Spring Session replaces the underlying Web container’s HttpSession with an implementation provided by Spring Session using a backing data store, like Apache Geode.

This sample was based on this posting in StackOverflow.

What’s Next?

Once Spring Session core goes GA, I can release Spring Session Data GemFire/Geode 2.0 GA.

As always feedback on this release is welcomed and appreciated.

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | StackOverflow


If you are using Pivotal GemFire instead of Apache Geode, you can simply change the artifactid to spring-session-data-gemfire.

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