Spring Cloud for Google Cloud Platform 1.0 Milestone 2 Available

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Dear Spring Community!

It’s my pleasure to announce today a new project in the Spring Cloud family. It’s called Spring Cloud GCP and its goal is to bring into your applications well-known Spring patterns and Spring Boot conventions for consuming Google Cloud Platform services.

The project currently is in version 1.0.0.M2 and is available from the Spring Milestone Repository:


This project has been started as an experiment of collaboration between Google and Spring teams. So far we got a good experience and our inter-team knowledge sharing has brought for us this project with several stable modules and active contribution from the Google team.

The project provides an integration and access object to Google Cloud Platform services via these modules:


The first class citizen abstraction like GcpProjectIdProvider and CredentialsProvider and their support classes. Provides properties and configures access to the Project ID and Cloud Authentication. This is a transitive dependency for all other modules.

spring-cloud-gcp-autoconfigure and spring-cloud-gcp-starters

The Spring Boot auto-configurations and starters for components provided by this project, or just wrappers and helpers to existing auto-configuration such as DataSourceAutoConfiguration.


The well-known Template and Factory Spring patterns implementations for Google Cloud Pub/Sub service. Also this module includes Spring Integration Channel Adapters implementations around the PubSubTemplate, PublisherFactory and SubscriberFactory.


The org.springframework.core.io.ProtocolResolver implementation for the Google Cloud Storage resources resolution. Plus Spring Integration Channel Adapters for reading and writing to/from Blob and Bucket resources.


This module provides support for associating a web request trace ID with the corresponding log entries. This allows grouping of log messages by request.


The Spring Cloud Sleuth components implementation for the Google Cloud Stackdriver Trace.


The Spring Cloud Stream Binder implementation for the Google Cloud Pub/Sub service.

See more information about these and other project features in the Reference Manual. Also pay attention to the comprehensive set of Samples provided in the project. In addition we have a Messaging with Google Cloud Pub/Sub Getting Started Guide for you.

And finally don’t miss Google Announcement about this project!

More Google Cloud Platform services support and Spring components implementations are coming!

Any feedback, feature ideas, critics, bug reports and questions are welcome via appropriate communication channels.

Project Page | issues | Documentation

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