Spring IO Platform Cairo-RELEASE

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It's my pleasure to announce that Spring IO Platform Cairo-RELEASE is now available from the Spring release repository and Maven Central. The Cairo generation of the Platform builds on top of Spring Framework 5.0 and Spring Boot 2.0 and requires Java 8.

What has changed

Cairo upgrades the versions of a number of projects:

  • Reactor Bismuth
  • Spring AMQP 2.0
  • Spring Batch 4.0
  • Spring Boot 2.0
  • Spring Cloud Connectors 2.0
  • Spring Data Kay
  • Spring Framework 5.0
  • Spring Integration 5.0
  • Spring Kafka 2.1
  • Spring REST Docs 2.0
  • Spring Security 5.0
  • Spring Security OAuth 2.2
  • Spring Session 2.0
  • Spring Web Flow 2.5
  • Spring Web Services 3.0

Cairo removes the following projects from the Platform:

  • Spring Integration Flow
  • Spring Integration Java DSL (now part of Spring Integration)
  • Spring Integration Kafka
  • Spring Integration Splunk
  • Spring Mobile
  • Spring Social Facebook
  • Spring Social LinkedIn

For more information about dependency management that has been removed or replaced, please refer to the relevant section of the reference documentation.

The versions of numerous third-party dependencies have also been updated. For more information about the versions of the managed dependencies, please refer to the relevant section of the reference documentation.

What is next

Cairo will be the last generation of the Platform. Please see the end-of-life announcement for further information. Thank you to everyone who has used and contributed to the Platform over the past four years.

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