Spring Integration for AWS 2.0.0.M2 and Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 1.0.0.M2

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Dear Spring Community!

It’s my pleasure to announce Milestone releases for Spring projects supporting Amazon Web Services: Spring Integration for AWS 2.0.0.M2 and Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis 1.0.0.M2.

Both milestones are available in the Spring Milestone repository and they can be consumed as maven dependencies:



Where the first one is not needed to be includes when the second one is in use. The AWS Kinesis and AWS DynamoDB Java SDK dependencies are included transitively for AWS Kinesis Binder as well.

These Milestones are good effort of the team and some third-party contributors after valuable feedback from the community via StackOverflow questions, Gitter chats, bug reports and feature request. So, thank you everyone involved!

Here are changes since the previously announced Milestone 1:

  • The KinesisMessageDrivenChannelAdapter has been improved for fault tolerance when intermittent network errors happen in the AWS Client.

  • The Kinesis Checkpointer has been improved to be based on the ConcurrentMetadataStore for better concurrent interactions, especially in cluster environment - consumer groups.

  • A headers mapping mechanism has been implemented for the SqsMessageHandler and SnsMessageHandler - the SqsHeaderMapper and SnsHeaderMapper as out-of-the-box implementations, respectively.

  • Since AWS Kinesis doesn’t provide any headers notations, we implemented workaround via embedding headers into the Kinesis Record body. For this purpose the KinesisMessageHandler and KinesisMessageDrivenChannelAdapter should be configured with the OutboundMessageMapper and InboundMessageMapper, respectively. As a good choice an out-of-the-box Spring Integration EmbeddedJsonHeadersMessageMapper can be used on both side to carry any desired message headers over AWS Kinesis.

  • The KinesisMessageDrivenChannelAdapter has also been supplied with the logic to convert records when ListenerMode.batch is used.

  • The KinesisMessageChannelBinder has been updated according the latest changes and fixes in the Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Integration AWS.

  • Also a new rawRecords listener mode has been introduced. By default the Kinesis Binder is configured for record mode where the message to emit contains payload as byte[] for the downstream conversion by the Spring Cloud Stream. The batch mode now produces a List<byte[]> and this new rawRecords mode produces a message with a payload as List<Record> - and all the conversion logic to business model is up to end-user in the target @StreamListener method.

As usual any feedback, feature ideas, critics, bug reports and questions are welcome via appropriate communication channels!

Spring Integration AWS Project Page | Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis Project Page | Help | Chat

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