Enjoy quality time with the Spring and Reactor communities at SpringOne Platform

Engineering | Stephane Maldini | May 21, 2018 | ...

Hey there,

It feels like SpringOne Platform was only yesterday, and I'm so excited by what's coming in September! It’s yet another excuse to chat, exchange, share, have a drink, and enjoy quality time with the Spring and Reactor communities, contributors and users alike.

I'll tell you a secret: as the project Reactor lead, this is one of my favorite places to capture amazing feedback and translate it into pull requests. I like spending hours replaying the software history with folks, talking about efficient distributed systems (or "microservices") because--Bingo! Reactive is all about these stories!

But I don't think networking alone justifies attending a conference. We reserve our most impactful revelations for the audience, what we have been working on, what our next priorities will be, and when to use our libraries.

Nevertheless, Reactive programming is a major theme for Spring Boot 2 and Spring Framework 5, yet we are far from the only ones in the space. So what's different about our Reactive story at Pivotal? My priority is to deliver sessions that help you answer this very question and offer a way for you to:

Learn more about the Spring Reactive value proposition. Do you need a refresher on what Reactive programming is? Do you want to be decisive about knowing when to use Reactive programming and Reactive systems? Position yourself as a subject matter expert. We'll be hosting architecture discussions, execution model analysis, and deep-dive explorations for typical Reactive scenarios, from IoT to microservices orchestration to mobile backends. Be part of the open-source adventure. Meet the team and help us define the next priorities, as well as discuss your needs, experience, pain, and wins. We want to have an inclusive Reactive story where you are the hero. Know your options. The Spring and Reactor teams are establishing a full vertical slice of features to support Reactive programming. There isn't an enterprise integration issue we want to exclude from our radar, from data extraction to message passing. Get current with our reactive ecosystem. Take a front row seat for exclusive announcements. The Reactive effort is multiplying at Pivotal, so take a front row seat for exclusive announcements! At the end of the day, we're not here to surf the Reactive hype. We have some pretty interesting R&D collaboration going on and we want you to be the first to learn about it.

Considering attending? Yup, you definitely should! The content, the contributing teams, the open-source love—it's all about the feedback loop we establish between you and us.

The Reactor team and I hope to see you there!

P.S. Feel free to use the code S1P200_SMaldini to save an extra $200 when you register for SpringOne Platform.

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