Spring Cloud GCP 1.0.0.RC1 Now Available

Releases | Artem Bilan | June 28, 2018 | ...

Dear Spring Community!

Today, together with Google team, it’s my pleasure to announce the First Release Candidate of Spring Cloud for Google Cloud Platform project of version 1.0.

The artifacts available from Spring Milestone repository via BOM:


Since the previously announced Milestone 3, Spring Cloud GCP is based on the latest Spring Cloud Finchley and provides these features:


All the Spring Messaging support is located in the spring-cloud-gcp-pubsub and spring-cloud-gcp-pubsub-stream-binder modules and based on the Spring Integration and Spring Cloud Stream. There are PubSubTemplate for low level, plain messaging with Google Cloud Pub/Sub. The Spring Integration Channel Adapters, based on the PubSubTemplate foundation, are PubSubInboundChannelAdapter and PubSubMessageHandler. In this Release Candidate, we implemented for them consistent message conversion via PubSubMessageConverter abstraction and also added a header mapping via PubSubHeaderMapper.

The Spring Cloud Stream integration is represented via PubSubMessageChannelBinder with smooth binding properties based on the Spring Boot auto-configuration provided in the spring-cloud-gcp-autoconfigure module.


The Google Cloud SQL support is implemented as a plain Spring Boot auto-configuration provided in the spring-cloud-gcp-autoconfigure module and everything else is just standard Spring JDBC support! The spring-cloud-gcp-starter-sql-mysql and spring-cloud-gcp-starter-sql-postgresql are aimed to help you transparently auto-configure Google Cloud SQL services in your Spring Boot application.

File Storage

The Google Cloud Storage integration is implemented via GoogleStorageProtocolResolver, when you can refer to your Google Cloud resource with the gs:// prefix classical Spring Resource abstraction. In addition, GcsInboundFileSynchronizingMessageSource, `GcsStreamingMessageSource and GcsMessageHandler Spring Integration Channel Adapters are provided for handling Google Cloud resources with messaging.


The Google Cloud Stackdriver Logging integration is represented with various auto-configured utils, which can be enabled in your logging configs with our predefined logback-appender.xml and logback-json-appender.xml templates. The spring-cloud-gcp-starter-logging Spring Boot Starter helps to manage proper dependencies for your application.


Together with the Spring Cloud Sleuth, the Spring Cloud GCP provides an integration for the Google Cloud Stackdriver Trace. The spring-cloud-gcp-starter-trace helps you to auto-configure the proper Spring Cloud and Open Zipkin dependencies for this integration.


For the proper authentication into your Google Cloud Accounts, the Spring Boot auto-configuration is provided via Credentials and GcpProjectIdProvider abstractions.

Try it out!

Check out the code samples in the Spring Cloud GCP GitHub repository, read the Spring Cloud GCP Reference documentation for more details, and try it hands on with code labs. Most importantly, let us know your feedback and report any issues while we are aiming towards to GA release! Meanwhile we have started on bringing you more integrations in the future. Currently, you can try out our beta support for Spring Data Cloud Spanner and Spring Cloud Config in the work-in-progress version 1.1.

From the Spring Cloud GCP Team

Don’t miss SpringOne Platform conference in Washington, D.C. this September! Together with Google team I’m going to represent these and more other features in the Spring Cloud for Google Cloud Platform project. Checkout the sessions and register!

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