Spring Vault 2.1 M1 available now

Releases | Mark Paluch | August 01, 2018 | ...

On behalf of the community, I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first Spring Vault 2.1 milestone. This release ships with 47 tickets fixed and the highlights of this first milestone include:

  • Support for Google Cloud Compute and Google Cloud IAM authentication mechanism support.
  • Integration of Vault's versioned Key-Value backend through VaultKeyValueOperations
  • Template API for Vault's wrapping endpoints.
  • Support of full pull mode in reactive AppRole authentication. The limitation of previous versions has been lifted now.
  • Improved Exception hierarchy for Vault login failures.

This release is compatible with Vault versions from 0.5.2 up to 0.10.3.

Next Steps

Spring Vault 2.1 M1 will be picked up by the next Spring Cloud Vault 2.1 milestone. Our backlog contains a few more tickets that we want to ship with the upcoming release candidate of Spring Vault 2.1. It's scheduled for early September. Expect a GA release for early October.

For a complete list of changes see the changelog.

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