Spring Session for Apache Geode/Pivotal GemFire 2.0.5.RELEASE and 2.1.0.M1 Released!

Engineering | John Blum | August 30, 2018 | ...

On behalf of the team as well as the community, I am pleased to announce the release of Spring Session for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire (SSDG) 2.0.5.RELEASE (Apple) and 2.1.0.M1 (Bean).

SSDG 2.0.5.RELEASE is based on Spring Session 2.0.5.RELEASE, Spring Data Kay-SR9 and Spring Framework 5.0.8.RELEASE and is available in Maven Central.

SSDG 2.1.0.M1 is based on Spring Session 2.1.0.M2, Spring Data Lovelace-RC2 and Spring Framework 5.1.0.RC2 and is available from Spring libs-milestone.

Both releases bring with it a new way to configure Spring Session when using either Apache Geode or Pivotal GemFire, or even Pivotal Cloud Cache (PCC), to manage your Spring Boot Web application’s (HTTP) Session state.

Currently, to enable (HTTP) Session state management using Spring Session with either Apache Geode or Pivotal GemFire as your provider, you would include either org.springframework.session:spring-session-data-geode or org.springframework.session:spring-session-data-gemfire on your Spring Boot application classpath, and then declare @EnableGemFireHttpSession annotation on 1 of your application’s @Configuration classes, as follows:

public class MyWebApplication {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    SpringApplication.run(MyWebApplication.class, args);

The @EnableGemFireHttpSession annotation includes several attributes to alter the configuration of your session management strategy (such as expiration; shown above) as well as the data management policies and indexes used by either Apache Geode or Pivotal GemFire to effectively manage session state.

However, all of these attributes must be hard coded. What if you want to change the configuration during deployment, based on the environment? Perhaps you want to vary the configuration using Spring profiles.

Well, now you can dynamically configure Spring Session when using either Apache Geode or Pivotal GemFire in 1 of 2 different ways.

Configuration with Properties

Spring Session for Apache Geode/Pivotal GemFire now gives you the ability to configure session management and Apache Geode or Pivotal GemFire using well-known, published properties.

The @EnableGemFireHttpSession annotation attributes document all the well-known, published properties itself.

By way of example, to change the session expiration timeout, you can specify the following property in a Spring Boot application.properties file, as follows:



More details about configuring SSDG with properties can be found in the documentation.

Configuration with a Configurer

Like Spring Web MVC’s WebMvcConfigurer callback interface, Spring Session for Apache Geode/Pivotal GemFire provides the SpringSessionGemFireConfigurer callback interface to adjust various aspects of the Spring Session configuration.

For example, to set the session expiration timeout, simply declare the following:

class SpringSessionGemFireConfiguration {

  SpringSessionGemFireConfigurer sessionExpirationConfigurer() {

    return new SpringSessionGemFireConfigurer(
        @Value("${spring.session.timeout:600}") int sessionTimeout) {

      public int getMaxInactiveIntervalInSeconds() {
        return sessionTimeout;

As shown above, the configuration for the Configurer can even be derived from other properties using Spring’s @Value annotation. You can combine different Configurer bean definitions with different Spring profiles and so on and so forth.

More details about using Configurers to configure SSDG can be found in the documentation.


Any feedback and/or contributions are always highly appreciated and welcomed. You can reach us through the usual channels: Issues | PR | StackOverflow.

Thank you!

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