Spring Data Lovelace GA released

Releases | Mark Paluch | September 21, 2018 | ...

On behalf of the Spring Data team, it's my pleasure to announce the general availability of Spring Data Lovelace. This release train ships on top of the just-released Spring Framework 5.1 GA. You can easily consume Spring Data Lovelace with next week's Spring Boot 2.1 M4 release. Spring Data Lovelace ships with a number of major features, improvements, and bugfixes. The most notable topics are:

  • Support for immutable objects
  • Deferred JPA repository initialization
  • Support for MongoDB 4.0 Client Sessions and Transactions
  • New Spring Data JDBC module
  • Apache Cassandra mapping improvements for Map and tuple types, Lifecycle Callbacks, and Kotlin Extensions
  • Replica Reads with Spring Data Redis

The release will be automatically picked up by the upcoming Spring Boot milestone. If you want to upgrade your Spring Boot 2.0 project to Lovelace, just set the spring-data-releasetrain.version property to Lovelace-RELEASE. Watch out for a blog post next week that explains the most notable changes in more detail. You can find the complete list of all tickets fixed in our JIRA.

In case you haven't already, make sure you register for this year's SpringOne Platform (Sept. 24th-27th, Washington, D.C.) to learn about the latest additions in Spring Data and even get a preview of the features planned for the next release train. The entire team will be on site and happy to answer questions and take feedback.

Planning for the next release train, Moore, named after Gordon Moore, has already started. We expect a shorter cycle to reduce the time between our GA releases. That said, let’s round this off with the formalities. Here are the links to the change logs, documentation, and artifacts:

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