Spring Session Bean GA Released

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This post was authored by Vedran Pavić

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the general availability of Spring Session BOM Bean. This is the first release based on Spring Session 2.1 and can be easily consumed with freshly released Spring Boot 2.1. Please read on for the highlights of the release.

Same-Site Cookie support for HttpSession integration

Same-Site Cookie is another mechanism that helps developers to protect from Cross-Site Request Forgery. Our DefaultCookieSerializer has been enhanced to support adding SameSite attribute to session cookie produced by Spring Session. The SameSite attribute is enabled by default with value Lax and is customizable using DefaultCookieSerializer#setSameSite.

Note that the equivalent support for WebSession is present in the Spring WebFlux itself starting with Spring Framework 5.1.

HttpSessionBindingListener support

Spring Session now supports HttpSessionBindingListener and will properly invoked callbacks on implementations of this API. This also means that it is now possible to use @PreDestroy on session scoped beans, since that feature is realized using Spring Framework’s DestructionCallbackBindingListener which is a concrete implementation of HttpSessionBindingListener.

Custom serialization for Redis WebSession integration

Our Redis WebSession integration can now be easily configured to use a custom serialization mechanism. In a similar fashion like with Redis HttpSession integration, this can be achived by providing a @Bean of type RedisSerializer<Object> that is named springSessionDefaultRedisSerializer:

static class SessionConfig {

    public RedisSerializer<Object> springSessionDefaultRedisSerializer() {
        // configure and return a serializer of your choice


Performance improvements for JDBC HttpSession integration

We have added a couple of performance improvements for our JDBC HttpSession integration:

  • lazy deserialization of session attributes - session attributes will now be deserialized on first access, rather than on retrieval of HttpSession from database, which can for many HTTP request avoid the cost of deserialization completely

  • option for disabling transactions - for users that want to avoid the cost of transactions, JdbcOperationsSessionRepository now offers a constructor that takes only JdbcOperations and uses a no-op TransactionOperations implementation internally

Support for Java 11

Spring Session now supports recently released Java 11, while the required version of course stays at Java 8. Our CI pipeline has been enhanced so that the project is now continuosly verified against Java 11.

Dependency Upgrades

Spring Session 2.1 is based on the following latest and greatest releases of key dependencies:

  • Spring Framework 5.1

  • Spring Data Lovelace

  • Spring Security 5.1

  • Project Reactor Californium


Complete details of Spring Session 2.1 release can be found in the following changelogs:

Project Page | Documentation | Issues | Gitter | Stack Overflow

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