Project Update: Spring Cloud Data Flow for Apache Mesos and Apache YARN

News | Mark Pollack | November 01, 2018 | ...

Dear Spring community,

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team have been happy stewards of the Spring Cloud Deployer and Spring Cloud Data Flow implementations of Apache Mesos and Apache YARN.

We now feel that will be a better home for Apache Mesos implementation of Spring Cloud Deployer and Spring Cloud Data Flow, and we are donating the projects to them to carry it forward.

The development will now be managed directly by the team (Adam J. Weigold, Phil Egelston, Justin Mathieu, and Cole Anderson) at, as the Spring Cloud Data Flow team will no longer maintain it.

For more details, please refer to the projects in’s GitHub repositories:

For Apache YARN, however, since we are focusing our efforts towards Local, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry implementations, the Spring Cloud Data Flow team has stopped maintaining it. The Apache Yarn implementation of Spring Cloud Deployer and Spring Cloud Data Flow projects have officially reached the end-of-life (EOL) status today (November 1st, 2018). One year from the announced date (i.e., November 2nd, 2019), the projects will officially reach the end-of-general support (EOGS).

If there’s interest in the community, we would like to open it up and donate the related projects similar to Apache Mesos implementation. If you are interested in forking the project to continue to develop and maintaining it, we would be happy to cross-link and promote your forked project. Please ping us at Gitter to discuss it.

All the best,

Spring Cloud Data Flow Team

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