Spring Tips: Season 5 Recap

Engineering | Josh Long | February 20, 2019 | ...

Hi Spring fans! Can you believe it? We're at the end of yet another season - our fifth! - of Spring Tips! I wasn't sure at first (when we started down this journey a few years ago) that these videos would take off or become popular but it seems the Spring community's curiosity knows no bounds!

I try in every season to look at new technology (RSocket and R2DBC, eh, spring to mind..), and to introduce variations on themes (we looked at three projects that extend Spring Cloud to native IaaS-platforms this season!), and to introduce potentially niche but often appreciated topics (this season we looked at BPMN 2 workflow management with Flowable and we looked JavaFX, for example). I also try whenever possible to introduce concepts in terms of Spring (where normally I introduce Spring in terms of the concepts they support). This season was, from that perspective, a success.

This season also marks the first full season with me back at the helm of an Apple MacBook Pro; viewers might've noticed that I switched between Linux and macOS over the various years of doing these videos. My production methodology changes dramatically, too! It's interesting to me to look at the user interfaces on display in the earlier videos to see their progressions.

I'm very excited for season six! I've got a lot of good stuff cooking, so be sure to follow @SpringTipsLive on Twitter for more. You can catchup on the older videos on the Spring Tips playlist, in the meantime.

I love doing the screencasts because I can explain concepts and articulate code to support those concepts visually with some ease. But that discussion often ignores the people behind the technology; what motivated our team to create something like Spring Boot? How is the code across the Spring portfolio projects so consistently clean? How do other organizations use Spring? These questions can be just as illuminating, and they lend themselves to natural discussions. So, I just launched a pdocast focused on the people in the Spring ecosystem called A Bootiful Podcast. It's available for Apple and Android devices. I hope you'll listen in and feedback.

As always I hope you like these Spring Tips videos. I'd love any feedback you have on them, good, bad or indifferent: find and follow me on Twitter (@starbuxman).

This season kicked off in December 2018, paused for the holidays and continued until just last week, the week of February 13. Here's a list of all the videos and the links to the pages where you can watch them. Enjoy and, as always, we'll see you next time!

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