Spring Cloud Open Service Broker 3.1.0.M2 Released

Releases | Roy Clarkson | September 30, 2019 | ...

We are pleased to announce the 3.1.0.M2 release of Spring Cloud Open Service Broker, which includes some initial support for Open Service Broker API v2.15. Thanks to the community for their significant contributions! This release includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Upgrade to Spring Boot 2.1.8.RELEASE
  • Add maintenance_info field to Service Plan object
  • Add maximum_polling_duration field to Service Plan object
  • Add plan_updateable field to Service Plan object
  • Return HTTP 400 when the required service_id and/or plan_id are missing or incorrect
  • Return HTTP 202 when a service broker operation is in progress and an identical request is sent before the previous request completes
  • Return JSON arrays instead of JSON objects for certain Service definition metadata
  • Add support for custom base path of service broker controllers

Include the following Spring Boot starter:


Use the Spring Milestone Repository:


Spring Cloud Open Service Broker is a framework for building Spring Boot applications that implement the Open Service Broker API. The Open Service Broker API project allows developers to deliver services to applications running within cloud native platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.

Project Page | GitHub | Reference Doc | API Doc

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