Spring Integration 5.2 GA Available

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Dear Spring Community,

On behalf of Spring Integration team I’m excited to announce that Spring Integration 5.2.0.RELEASE is available.

It can be downloaded from our release repository and Maven Central:

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.2.0.RELEASE"

What’s New in this generation?

  • RSocket Support - an RSocketInboundGateway and RSocketOutboundGateway are implemented for Reactive Streams support in the RSocket protocol. See spring-integration-rsocket module.

  • FluxAggregatorMessageHandler to produces window or buffer results based on the Project Reactor Flux grouping and windowing functionality.

  • RateLimiterRequestHandlerAdvice and CacheRequestHandlerAdvice are available for AOP aspects around MessageHandler.handleMessage().

  • JSR223 implementation for Kotlin Scripts has been added into spring-integration-scripting module.

  • The FTP and SFTP modules now provide an event listener for certain Apache Mina FTP/SFTP server events.

  • Simple Apache Avro transformers are now provided.

  • Many other improvements throughout the project.

See What’s New? in the Reference Manual and Migration Guide for more information and possible breaking changes.

In Addition

The maintenance 5.1.8.RELEASE version has been released as well including some improvements and bug fixes.

The spring-integration-kafka:3.2.0.RELEASE is available, too, and it is based on Spring Integration 5.2 and Spring for Apache Kafka 2.3.

Also we would like to share with you that we have just started an extension project for Spring Integration Kotlin DSL. A preview version is available on Maven Central as well:

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-kotlin-dsl:0.0.1.RELEASE"

See the GitHub Project Page for more information.

Grab it while it is still hot and you are welcome for any feedback.

See you all next week at Spring One Platform!

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