Reactor Californium-SR12 is out

Engineering | Stephane Maldini | October 03, 2019 | ...

The 12th Service Release for Californium is out. As per tradition, it fixes several issues and bring improvements all around.

The release is available on your preferred maven central repository.

Change logs and release notes:

Bismuth EOL

With Dysprosium-RELEASE, our reactor-core 3.1.x and reactor-netty 0.7.x lines will not receive further patches. We encourage our users to update to Californium releases trains, which match Spring Boot 2.1.x and Spring Framework 5.1.x.

If you already are using Spring Boot 2.2.x and Spring Framework 5.2.x, you will be required to use Dysprosium including reactor-core 3.3.x and reactor-netty 0.9.x.

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