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Dear Spring Community,

Following several requests from community members, it is my pleasure to announce that some Spring Integration Extensions have made it to their new generations and up-to-date dependencies. Of course, first of all, thank you everybody contributed, even if that was just a GitHub issue or StackOverflow question!

Below are highlights for those projects. All of them are available on Maven Central, JCenter and Spring Release repositories. Since all these projects are not a part of Spring Integration BOM (and they cannot be because of different release cycles) you have to specify their versions in your dependency management explicitly.

Spring Integration SMB

Spring Integration support for Server Message Block has reached version 1.2.0.RELEASE and is based on Spring Integration 5.2.1.RELEASE and JCIFS 2.1.11. Besides upgrades we also have a community contributed ability to use a custom implementation of the jcifs.CIFSContext interface in the SmbSessionFactory. The dependency for this artifact is this:


Spring Integration Cassandra

Spring Integration support for Apache Cassandra has reached version 0.7.0.RELEASE and is based on Spring Integration 5.2.1.RELEASE and Spring Data Moore-SR1. Besides upgrades the CassandraMessageHandler implementation is fully reactive and produces a Mono<WriteResult> reply in the async and gateway modes. Otherwise a subscription or block() happens internally if not an async or we are not interested in the reply. The dependency for this artifact is this:


Spring Integration Hazelcast

Spring Integration support for Hazelcast has reached version 2.0.0.RELEASE and is based on Spring Integration 5.2.1.RELEASE and Hazelcast 3.12.4. With this major new version we have reworked some internals for latest Hazelcast and Spring Integration compatibilities. The dependency for this artifact is this:


Spring Integration Kotlin DSL

Spring Integration Kotlin DSL has been changed radically and released as 0.0.2.RELEASE version. It is based on Spring Integration 5.2.1.RELEASE & Kotlin 1.3.50. With a KotlinIntegrationFlowDefinition implementation & @BuilderInference marker for it lambda in the integrationFlow() global functions makes the target integration flow definitions much cleaner and Kotlin-friendly:

fun flowLambda() =
    integrationFlow {
        filter<String>({ it === "test" })
                integrationFlow {
                    handle { m -> println(m.payload) }
        transform<String, String>({ it.toUpperCase() })

The dependency for this artifact is this:


Spring Integration Kafka

Spring Integration support for Apache Kafka was also released as version 3.2.1.RELEASE with all the latest Spring Integration and Spring for Apache Kafka releases. A ProducerRecordCreator strategy can now be injected into the KafkaProducerMessageHandler for custom ProducerRecord creating respectively. As well as ProducerRecord can come now in the request message payload. A dependency for this artifact is this:


As always, we are open for any feedback in any communication channels available!

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