Spring Batch 4.0.4, 4.1.3 and 4.2.1 available now!

Releases | Mahmoud Ben Hassine | December 04, 2019 | ...

I am pleased to announce the release of Spring Batch 4.0.4, 4.1.3 and 4.2.1 with bug fixes as well as documentation and dependencies updates. Please find the complete list of changes in the release notes: 4.0.4, 4.1.3, 4.2.1.

As we announced earlier this year, version 4.0.4 is the last release of the 4.0 line. The 4.1.x line will get another bug fix release next year and 4.1.4 will be the last release for this line. Please upgrade to v4.2+ at your earliest convenience as this is the primary active branch for the moment.

The next feature release will be 4.3, with a GA planned for October 2020, aligned with Spring Framework 5.3 and Spring Boot 2.4. This release is expected to be the last feature branch of Spring Batch 4.

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