Spring Integration 5.3 Milestone 1 Available

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Dear Spring Community,

On behalf of the Spring Integration team I’m excited to announce that with the New Year we have some news to share with you. First of all, it is an honor to have taken over the lead role for the Spring Integration project. Gary Russell is still in the team and he leads Spring AMQP and Spring for Apache Kafka projects. Secondly we have just released the first milestone for Spring Integration of version 5.3.

It can be downloaded from our milestone repository:

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.3.0.M1"

This version is going to be a foundation for the upcoming Spring Boot 2.3.

And more news below!

What’s New in this generation?

  • Upgrade to Gradle 6.1, so now we also publish Gradle modules into Maven repository.

  • Upgrade to the latest dependencies, including Spring Data Neumann.

  • Removal of deprecations from the previous version, so if you are going to upgrade soon consider to fix all the deprecation warnings if favor of their replacements. Of course, we try to keep a compatibility with previous version because Spring Cloud Hoxton is going to support both Spring Boot 2.2 & 2.3.

  • Adding native support for the ReactiveMessageHandler.

  • Reactive Channel Adapter implementations for MongoDb. In fact the ReactiveMongoDbStoringMessageHandler is an implementation of mentioned above ReactiveMessageHandler.

  • The GatewayProxyFactoryBean now doesn’t proxy default methods in the service interface.

  • We have added an IntegrationPattern abstraction to indicate which enterprise integration pattern (an IntegrationPatternType) and category a Spring Integration component belongs to.

See What’s New? in the Reference Manual for more information.

In Addition

We are working on a project which is going to provide a Web UI for integration graph representation including runtime metrics for messages processing on channels and endpoints. Here is a screenshot how it looks now:

Spring Integration Graph

We are planning on open-sourcing the project soon, so stay tuned!

Also we made some progress in Spring Integration Kotlin DSL. It now looks more "Kotlinish" style! A preview version is available in snapshot repository:

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-kotlin-dsl:0.0.3.BUILD-SNAPSHOT"

This is how it looks now:

fun someFlow() =
    integrationFlow {
        filter<String> { it === "test" }
        wireTap {
                    handle { println(it.payload) }
        transform<String, String> { it.toUpperCase() }

See the GitHub Project Page for more information.

We have plans to merge this project into a core one after some team review and feedback from the community.

Grab them to try in your projects and share your experience!

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