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Spring is constantly evolving and always innovating while being consistent where it matters: delivering a reliable framework to help you build maintainable software, faster. In the last few years, the Spring contributors have worked hard to bring the predictable Spring experience to microservices, serverless, streams, reactive, batch, data, and new languages like Kotlin. Over the coming year, you'll see many more examples of this, including some cool new features that we're just dying to share with you.

However, there was one area of Spring that we felt was desperately in need of some love and attention—the dusty old website. Very little changed on the site in the last few years. And that presented us with a problem: how do you take a well-used website that's trusted by millions of developers, and make it better?

We love a challenge...

We started with motivation. If we changed the site, what would our motivation be for that change? What did we want folks to get out of it? What should it feel like to use? How should it evolve?

After many discussions, much passion, and some deep introspection, our team came together around three key themes:

#1 Visitors should feel welcome.

Spring is used by millions of developers every day. Some have been using Spring for over 20 years, some have been using Spring for less than 20 minutes. If Spring is to continue to grow, our window on the world needs to be as welcoming as possible, no matter what your level of experience. It should cater as equally for those just getting started on their Spring journey as it does for those who already know exactly what they need from their visit.

With the new site, we’ve kept almost all of the existing content and we’ve used the same URLs wherever possible. However, we’ve added a bunch of new content that helps demystify the Spring ecosystem and provide more support when you’re just getting started.

New to Spring? Try our new Why Spring and Quickstart pages. Seasoned Pro? Go straight to the Projects, Guides, or Blogs.

#2 Visitors should feel comfortable.

Navigating Spring's large and diverse ecosystem can be challenging. Spring is highly modular in nature and it has something for everything. But that doesn't mean it's easy to understand. Our new website needed to do more to explain what Spring is and how the various parts can be used together to build the amazing things you’re working on.

In the new site, topics like building microservices, and understanding how Spring can help you build cloud applications, are covered by a series of new pages. Navigation has also evolved, with dropdown menus surfacing more of the content you need to support your learning journey.

Researching a topic? Try the topic pages including Microservices, Cloud, and Serverless Going for gold? New Learn and Training & Certification pages will boost your knowledge Help in production? Our latest Support offerings will keep you up-and-running!

#3 Visitors should feel our energy!

It was crucial that our new website should pay homage to the sheer energy and vibrancy of the Spring community. Our community is bright, passionate, innovative, confident, and dynamic. Spring is a shining example of what we can achieve if we all work together for the greater good.

In the new site, we’ve used a lighter and brighter design throughout. There are zesty new tonal highlights, new graphics, and even the occasional diagram. Links to events, social media, videos, and podcasts have also been added so that you can experience first hand the passion and drive of our community and its members.

Feeling social? Try our new Community and Events page Love a good talk? Take a look at our new Learn page with videos, podcasts & more

So here it is...

These three core themes have allowed us to take everything we liked about the old site, and mold it into something new. We've lost very little content and we’ve augmented what we had with new pieces that explain what Spring is all about, why it’s so awesome, and how it can support you in your daily work.

As fellow developers, we know it's impossible to build the perfect website, but we really hope that you can be proud of Spring’s new showcase and that you’ll be happy to use it and share it with others.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Spring Website Team.

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