Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.4.2 GA Released

Spring Cloud Data Flow team is pleased to announce the GA release of 2.4.2.

In this release, along with some bug fixes, we primarily focused on the server/client-side performance improvements on the stream management.

The REST layer in Spring Cloud Data Flow server is refactored to accommodate better pagination and performance when retrieving the runtime application statuses of streams. In addition to that, the SCDF dashboard pages are re-worked based on these changes. The Runtime Applications page in the Dashboard has a new layout where the runtime applications are grouped by their streams. The Streams page is also refactored to efficiently retrieve the stream status, application metrics, etc.,

Reactive interface methods are added into Spring Cloud Deployer. The Cloud Foundry Deployer’s status methods implement these reactive methods for better performance. Along with Spring Cloud Deployer, Spring Cloud Skipper is updated to use these reactive implementations.

NOTE Please note that Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.4.2 GA is compatible only with the Spring Cloud Skipper 2.3.2.RELEASE and above. When upgrading Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.4.2.RELEASE, Spring Cloud Skipper also needs to be updated to 2.3.2.RELEASE and above.

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