Spring Data for Apache Solr Discontinued

Engineering | Christoph Strobl | April 07, 2020 | ...

Update 2022

Spring Data Solr has been discontinued and is currently only maintained in its current version for support reasons until early 2023 at which point it is going to be moved to the Spring Attic entirely. For current users of Spring Data Solr, we recommend looking into alternative search-engine-related modules like Spring Data Elasticsearch.

Original Post

Dear Spring Data Community,

We want to share news with you about the Spring Data for Apache Solr module. After its initial rise as one for the first community-led Spring Data projects and its later inception as one of the core modules, community interest, feature requests, and bug reports have declined.

In our effort to balance time (based on popularity and usage data of the projects we have) the module has seen only occasional updates and fixes for the past few years. This is why we are seeking volunteers who are willing to help maintain the module, putting Spring Data for Apache Solr back into community mode.

The module will remain a part of the Spring Data release trains Neumann and Ockham. We will continue shipping required updates and fixes for the next twelve (plus) months.

In case we're not able to find a new maintainer by next year, we will move the project into the attic. At this point, thanks to everyone who contributed to Spring Data for Apache Solr in the past and, in case you're willing to take the lead, don't hesitate to contact us via the usual channels.

Thank you!

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