Spring for Apache Kafka 2.5.0 Release Candidate

Releases | Gary Russell | April 30, 2020 | ...

The 2.5.0.RC1 release candidate is now avaialable in the Spring milestone repo.

Update: 2.5.0.RELEASE was released on May 13th.


  • kafka-clients 2.5.0 (alignment of version numbers is coincidental).

  • Support for re-committing retryable offset commit exceptions for retained partitions when using cooperative rebalancing.

  • Support for the new "fetch-offset-request" procuder fencing (when brokers are 2.5 or higher), requiring fewer producers.

  • Support for static group membership.

  • More integration with Micrometer.

  • Optional Delivery Attempts header.

  • RecoveringBatchErrorHandler can commit a partial batch and replay from failed record in a batch (with cooperation of the listener); this is now the default for a batch listener.

  • Default error handler for record listener is now the SeekToCurrentErrorHandler.

  • Overridable producer properties in the KafkaTemplate allowing multiple templates to use the same producer factory.

  • Simple String serializer and deserializer are now provided.

  • More flexibility to determin the type to create in the JsonDeserializer.

See the Reference manual "What’s New?" for more information.

The final release will be published shortly before the upcoming Spring Boot 2.3 GA release; please try out the candidate.

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