Spring Tips: Season 7 Recap

Engineering | Josh Long | May 06, 2020 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to the recap installment for the seventh season of Spring Tips! I can't believe we're already on season seven! In October of 2020, it'll be 4 straight years of doing these videos. Hopefully, they're helping.

Every season consists of 11 episodes and one recap blog post. Sometimes, I'll do an occasional extra episode or I'll do an episode during the interregnum between seasons as the situations sometimes demand. But, for now, I'm done for a little while - not as long as last time, for sure! But a little while. I need time to gather my resources, prepare new content, finish the Reactive Spring book, and produce those new episodes.

This is where you come in, dear reader: what would you like to see in the latest episodes? What content would you like me to introduce? Sound off on Twitter (@starbuxman) to me personally or to the @SpringTipsLive account or by email ([email protected]). I'd love to hear from you! Your contributions and ideas are a huge inspiration to me - indeed I do most of the work because of you, the most amazing community on earth Thank you for everything. Thank you for your ideas which help to keep things interesting.

I want things to be interesting! I try to mix things up every now and then. Every season tries to introduce some combination of the following categories of video:

  • CONCEPTUAL FUNDAMENTALS: things that are common to lots of Spring developers (like Java 14, or configuration, or testing reactive applications, or the Kotlin programming language). These videos tend to look at how a theme applies across a number of portfolio projects.
  • PROJECT-SPECIFIC INTRODUCTIONS: I like to introduce projects - projects that people may or may not have heard of - like Spring Cloud Data Flow or Spring Batch or Spring Cloud for Alibaba.
  • INTEGRATIONS: I love to introduce integrations for various projects. These are some of my favorite videos to make. I think of them sort of like the Avengers: team-ups make things even more exciting and feasible. These videos look at third party projects that, while they exist independent of the Spring ecosystem, they also happen to work really well with Spring. Examples in this vein include MyBatis (as a way to map SQL queries to repository methods), JOOQ (as another way to do SQL-centric queries), Apache Camel (as another way to support enterprise integration patterns), Flowable (as another way to do business process management), etc.
  • SPECIFIC FEATURES: I like to look at individual features in a larger umbrella project or theme. I've done this many times looking at individual features of Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, reactive programming, etc. While I may have done an introduction video to some of these, no video could hope to capture every new feature. So, I do followup videos that dive deeper into some specific features. I did this when looking at distributed locks with Spring Integration, or coroutines with Spring, Reactor and Kotlin, for example.
  • NEW AND NOVEL: I enjoy bringing you information about the new and nice stuff coming from the Spring team and beyond. We saw some of these kinds of videos when we looked at the Spring Graal feature, functional bean registration, functional reactive endpoints, and Spring Cloud Gateway. These videos were all done against milestones or snapshots - I live on the cutting edge so you don't have to! Sometimes my videos end up being obviated by some newer developments, but that's OK - at least you know what's coming and are ready to use them when these projects do finally land.

This season had a little of all of those categories! Also, this season, I tried - wherever possible - to do shorter videos. There are some one-hour-ish long videos in this season, to be sure, but that's because they're more broad in scope. One example that leaps to mind is the one on Configuration.

So, here is a list of every video in the Spring Tips series so far. The first 11 entries are the most recent, from season seven. Enjoy! In the meantime, if you've binge-watched all these videos, and you still want your fill, check out my weekly roundup of the wonderful and wild world of Springdom - This Week in Spring - every Tuesday on the Spring blog. Or, check out my podcast, A Bootiful Podcast (@BootifulPodcast), with new episodes every Friday available for listening on your favorite podcatcher.


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