This Week in Spring - July 14th, 2020

Engineering | Josh Long | July 14, 2020 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! How're things? Good? Good. I just finished (virtually) presenting for the always-lovely London Java Community this morning. We spoke about Kotlin and Spring and things. It was good. Thank you so much for having me LJC! I also kicked off the epic JetBrains Java Day Online event last Friday. That was a ton of fun! Thank you Jetbrains. I finally, finally, put some elbow grease into automating a listing of some my activity and so now whenever I publish a new Spring Tips video, a new A Bootiful Podcast podcast, or commit to a new public appearance, I'll have information here on my public activity feed page. The appearances that are there right now don't represent all my upcoming appearances or even all my public appearances which you are free to attend, they only the ones I've polished off for presentation on this site. Give me a little while to go through the calendar and get more stuff there. There are a ton of things happening and I always do such a poor job of marketing them. Hopefully, this will help.

Speaking of abundance, there are a ton of things to get to in this week's roundup so let's get to it:

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