Spring Data 2020.0.0 goes RC1

Releases | Mark Paluch | September 16, 2020 | ...

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of the Spring Data team and everyone who contributed, it's my pleasure to announce that Spring Data 2020.0.0 has entered its release candidate phase by releasing the first of two release candidate releases, available from the milestone repository. This release ships with 70 tickets fixed. The most notable changes are:

  • Support for Redis 6 ACL and upgrade to Lettuce 6.0 RC2.
  • Migration of core R2DBC support from Spring Data R2DBC to Spring R2DBC.
  • Support the SocketFactory configuration client in Spring Data Geode.
  • Slice query support for Neo4j and a revised API for relationships.

We're working towards a second release candidate in early October. It will provide refinements to MongoDB's Aggregation Pipeline for improved MongoDB 4.4 support. The GA release is scheduled for late October.

Please give Spring Data 2020.0.0-RC1 a try, for example, as part of the upcoming Spring Boot 2.4 M3 release, which will be available start.spring.io soon, and let us know about any regressions or other issues.

Cheers, Mark

Here are the detailed links to each individual artifact and the reference documentation:

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