Spring Tools 4.8.0 released

Releases | Martin Lippert | September 16, 2020 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

I am happy to announce the 4.8.0 release of the Spring Tools 4 for Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, and Theia.

This release includes major changes to the Spring Tools 4 for Eclipse distribution

  • updated to Eclipse 2020-09 release
  • requires a JDK11 to run on
  • ships with an embedded JDK14 runtime, no need to install or configure a specific JDK to run the IDE on anymore
  • includes Eclipse Docker tooling by default now (in addition to the nice docker integration for the Spring Boot Dashboard)
  • includes Wild Web Developer tooling now (#354), including advanced support for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and more

Additional changes and fixes

  • (Spring Boot) fix: Eclips shows error on @ConditionalOnExpression("${downlink.active:false}") (#529)
  • (Eclipse) improvement: added action to jump from boot dashboard docker integration to docker explorer
  • (Eclipse) improvement: added actions to pause an resume docker containers
  • (Eclipse) change: local cloud services are now hidden by default and can be enabled via the boot dashboard view drop-down
  • (Eclipse) fixed: run spring boot app in debug mode in docker container now works with Spring Boot Devtools being enabled
  • (Eclipse) fixed: add starters wizard now updates the projects definition automatically after pressing finish to get new resources into the right configuration automatically
  • (Eclipse) fixed: improved a few icons for dark theme (#472)
  • (Eclipse) fixed: check for JDK vs. JRE improved for JDK >= 9 case (#530, #531)

To download the distribution for Eclipse and find links to the marketplace entries for Visual Studio Code and Theia, please go visit:

Detailed changes can be found here: https://github.com/spring-projects/sts4/wiki/Changelog#2020-09-17-480-release-incl-language-servers-version-1220

Spring Tools 4.8.1 is scheduled to be released in late October 2020.


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