Spring Boot for Apache Geode 1.1.10.RELEASE, 1.2.10.RELEASE, 1.3.4.RELEASE and 1.4.0-M3 available!

Releases | John Blum | September 21, 2020 | ...

On behalf of the Spring and Apache Geode communities, it is my pleasure to announce the release of Spring Boot for Apache Geode (SBDG) 1.1.10.RELEASE, 1.2.10.RELEASE, 1.3.4.RELEASE and 1.4.0-M3.

SBDG 1.1.10.RELEASE is based on Spring Boot 2.1.17.RELEASE, SBDG 1.2.10.RELEASE is based on Spring Boot 2.2.10.RELEASE, SBDG 1.3.4.RELEASE is based on Spring Boot 2.3.4.RELEASE and SBDG 1.4.0-M3 is based on Spring Boot 2.4.0-M3. In addition, SBDG pulls in the latest Spring Data, Spring Session and Spring Test for Apache Geode releases and bits.

Each of these releases includes dependency alignment, documentation revisions and minor improvements. See the changelog for complete details.


SBDG 1.4.0-M3 has been recently rebased on Apache Geode 1.13.0. Given VMware Tanzu GemFire (formerly known as Pivotal GemFire) is now longer released by VMware, Inc. as a standalone, independently managed solution, SBDG 1.4 will no longer ship any spring-gemfire-starter.* modules. GemFire 9.10 was the last supported, standalone, independently managed version of GemFire, which was based on Apache Geode 1.12.

It is very quick and easy to get started with Spring Boot for Apache Geode by including the base starter (i.e. spring-geode-starter) or one of the specific starters (e.g. spring-geode-starter-session when handling Session state management use cases) in your project Maven POM or Gradle build file. Alternatively, you can go to start.spring.io and include the "Spring for Apache Geode" dependency, or simply follow this link.


Feedback on these releases is appreciated and welcomed.

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