Spring Data 2020.0.0 goes GA

Releases | Mark Paluch | October 28, 2020 | ...

Dear Spring community,

On behalf of the Spring Data team and our contributors, it is my pleasure to announce that Spring Data 2020.0.0 is generally available from Maven Central.

Spring Data 2020.0.0 (Codename: Ockham) is the first release train using the changed versioning scheme, previous release trains were identified by name, such as Neumann-RELEASE.

This release train includes several themes. Here's a summary of the most important ones:

  • Switch Release Train version to calver (2020.0.0) and introduce spring-data-bom artifact.
  • Improve Graal Native Image experience.
  • Reactive SpEL context extensions and auditing support.
  • Include SDN-RX as Spring Data Neo4j 6.0.
  • Oracle dialect for Spring Data JDBC.
  • Refactor Spring Data R2DBC on top of Spring Framework’s R2DBC module.
  • Upgrade to Redis 6.0 including support ACL authentication and enhanced support for Sorted Set commands.
  • Support for RxJava 3.
  • De-lombok production code.

You can find out more ing the links to the tickets. These features are listed in our curated changelog. In the coming days, we will create a follow-up blog post with an in-depth discussion of the new features added to the release.

Spring Boot 2.4-RC1 is the easiest way to upgrade Spring Data 2020.0.0. Neo4j users who use Spring Boot 2.3 require special attention, because the configuration infrastructure for Spring Data Neo4j 6.0 has changed in an incompatible way.

Finally, here are the links to all artifacts, the documentation, and individual changelogs:

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