Spring Integration 5.4 goes GA; some other Integration releases

Releases | Artem Bilan | November 02, 2020 | ...

Dear Spring community,

On behalf the team and everybody contributed, it’s my pleasure to announce that last week we released general availability for Spring Integration 5.4.

It can be downloaded from Maven Central:

compile 'org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.4.0'

Here is a summary of features and improvements for this Spring Integration generation:

  • R2DBC channel adapters;

  • ZeroMQ proxy, message channel and channel adapters;

  • Redis Streams channel adapters (which are reactive);

  • The spring-integration-kafka extension has been moved to the core project and, alongside with an upgrade to the latest Spring for Apache Kafka 2.6.2, includes some improvements;

  • The RenewableLockRegistry is implemented for the JdbcLockRegistry.

See What’s New in documentation for more information.

This version is included into dependency management of Spring Boot 2.4.0-RC1.

Other relevant releases

We also released several maintenance versions and some Spring Integration extensions:

  • Spring Integration 5.1.13.RELEASE - the last release in this generation: has reached its End of Life and goes out of support starting this November;

  • Spring Integration 5.2.9.RELEASE - includes bug fixes and dependencies upgrades; going to be supported until Spring Boot 2.2 generation;

  • Spring Integration 5.3.3.RELEASE - includes bug fixes and dependencies upgrades; going to be supported until Spring Boot 2.3 generation;

  • spring-integration-aws-2.3.4.RELEASE - upgrades, some good contribution and several bug fixes; based on Spring Integration 5.3.3.RELEASE and Spring Cloud AWS 2.2.4.RELEASE;

  • spring-cloud-stream-binder-aws-kinesis-2.0.3.RELEASE - some good contributions and upgrades to the latest dependencies;

  • spring-integration-cassandra-0.9.0 - based on Spring Integration 5.4 and Spring Data 2020.0.0; used by the latest Stream Applications;

  • spring-integration-hazelcast-3.0.0 - upgrades to the latest versions of Spring Integration and Hazelcast and respective API incompatibility fixes.

See more information in Spring Integration Extensions project.


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