Spring Cloud 2020.0.0 (aka Ilford) Is Available

Releases | Ryan Baxter | December 22, 2020 | ...

On behalf of the community, I am pleased to announce that the GA release of the Spring Cloud 2020.0 Release Train is available today. The release can be found in Maven Central. You can check out the 2020.0 release notes for more information.

Notable Changes in the 2020.0 Release Train

This release requires Spring Boot 2.4.1. In general, this release was to fix bugs prior to release.

See this page for a list of Known Issues.

See the wiki for a list of all breaking changes in this release train.

See all of the included issues and pull requests at the Github project.

Spring Cloud Commons

NOTE: Bootstrap has been disabled by default. The new way of importing configuration is via the new spring.config.import functionality provided by Spring Boot 2.4. Please see the appropriate documentation for Config Client, Consul, Vault, and Zookeeper for details on how to use them with the new config import.

If you require the legacy bootstrap functionality add the org.springframework.cloud:spring-cloud-starter-bootstrap dependency to your project.

  • Spring Cloud LoadBalancer now supports server statistics (PR)
  • General Security functionality was moved here from the now defunct Spring Cloud Security project PR
  • Support for decryption with spring.config.import was added (issue)

Spring Cloud Contract

Documented how to clone the project on windows.

Spring Cloud Function

Spring Cloud Kubernetes

  • Added reactive discovery client implementation based on the Kubernetes Java Client (PR)
  • Added Spring Cloud Loadbalancer implementation based on the Kubernetes Java Client (PR)

Spring Cloud Openfeign

  • Added support for wrapping feign clients in Spring Cloud CircuitBreakers (PR)
  • Spring Cloud OpenFeign security code moved from Spring Cloud Security to Spring Cloud OpenFeign (PR)
  • Support for LoadBalancer statistics has been added (PR)

Spring Cloud Security

  • This project was removed and code was moved to the individual Spring Cloud projects.

Spring Cloud Gateway

  • Support for LoadBalancer statistics has been added (PR)

Spring Cloud Netflix

  • A number of deprecated modules have been removed. See the wiki for details
  • TLS properties now supported with the RestTemplate based Eureka Client (PR)

Spring Cloud Task

  • Added documentation for single step batch jobs. (PR)

The following modules were updated as part of 2020.0.0:

| Module | Version | Issues |--- |--- |--- |--- | Spring Cloud Circuitbreaker | 2.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Contract | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Kubernetes | 2.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Commons | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Openfeign | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Cloudfoundry | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Bus | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Cli | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Zookeeper | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Sleuth | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Consul | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Starter Build | 2020.0.0 |   | Spring Cloud Gateway | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Netflix | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Vault | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Config | 3.0.0 |
| Spring Cloud Task | 2.3.0 | (issues)

As always, we welcome feedback on GitHub, on Gitter, on Stack Overflow, or on Twitter.

To get started with Maven with a BOM (dependency management only):


or with Gradle:

buildscript {
  dependencies {
    classpath "io.spring.gradle:dependency-management-plugin:1.0.10.RELEASE"

apply plugin: "io.spring.dependency-management"

dependencyManagement {
  imports {
    mavenBom 'org.springframework.cloud:spring-cloud-dependencies:2020.0.0'

dependencies {
  compile 'org.springframework.cloud:spring-cloud-starter-config'
  compile 'org.springframework.cloud:spring-cloud-starter-netflix-eureka-client'

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