Spring Tips: Spring Cloud Gateway (Redux)

Engineering | Josh Long | February 24, 2021 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! In this installment of Spring Tips, I revisit Spring Cloud Gateway.

Here's what's inside:


11:12​ Have your cake and Eat it too with an API Gateway


00:11:37​ Get to Know Your New Gateway 00:21:18​ The Observable Gateway
00:22:39​ Meet The Supporting Characters
00:24:30​ Reactive Data For The Demo
00:28:10​ A Reactive WebSocket Endpoint 00:31:00​ Reactive HTTP Endpoint

Behind the Source with Spring Cloud co-founder, lead, and Spring Cloud Gateway creator Spencer Gibb

00:33:00​ Spencer Gibb

Service Discovery

37:59​ Introducing Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka 40:49​ Integrating Service Discovery into our Gateway 43:01​ Load Balanced URIs 45:49​ Route Events


48:19​ A Route By Any Other Name
53:10​ Yet another markup language (YAML) 55:55​ Using the Spring Cloud Config Server 01:02​ Reloading Configuration with the /refresh Actuator


01:09:02​ Protect Your Microservices
01:10:43​ If At First You Don't Succeed, Retry() 01:18:00​ Circuit Breakers 01:22:35​ Rate Limiters

Behind The Source with Spring Cloud Gateway For Kubernetes Lead Chris Sterling

01:35:38​ Chris Sterling

The Final Word

01:38:32​ This Tutorial Is Done, But The journey To Production Continues

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