Spring Integration 5.5 M3 & 5.4.5 Available

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Dear Spring community,

On behalf the team and external contributors, it’s my pleasure to announce a Milestone 3 release for Spring Integration 5.5, plus Spring Integration 5.4.5 patch version.

The latest one can be downloaded from Maven Central:

compile 'org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.4.5'

and it is recommended to upgrade your projects or just pull it transitively from just released Spring Boot 2.4.4!

The Milestone is available from the https://repo.spring.io/milestone/ repository:

compile 'org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-core:5.5.0-M3'

The 5.5 generation of Spring Integration is the last one in the line before we start 6.0 and it is mostly based on the community feedback and usability needs. For example we have reworked some warning messages in logs to the fail-fast errors during configuration phase. Plus some API was deprecated with possible removal in the next major version. So, be sure check the Migration Guide since the upgrade may cause some breaking changes.

Here is a summary of features and improvements for this Spring Integration generation:

  • The FileAggregator component for another side of the FileSplitter logic;

  • The MessageGroupStore.streamMessagesForGroup(Object groupId) for better memory management;

  • The maxMessagesPerPoll with 0 as value for an AbstractPollingEndpoint is treated now as to skip the current poll;

  • The @Reactive sub-annotation for @ServiceActivator,@Transformer etc, and ConsumerEndpointSpec.reactive() to provide a reactiveCustomizer Function for the ReactiveStreamsConsumer;

  • The MongoDbMessageSource and ReactiveMongoDbMessageSource have now an update query option to mark polled document for skipping them on the next polling cycle.

See What’s New in documentation for more information.

Also the documentation has started to be more modern and is including code block switchers. See some sample in the JMS chapter. There are still too many pages to fix the same way and alongside with XML configs include more Java samples, so any help from you with this journey will be appreciated.

Any feedback is welcome while we are heading to RC1 in mid-April!


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