This Week in Spring - May 24th, 2022

Engineering | Josh Long | May 24, 2022 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! I'm in Spain for business and not just a little pleasure. Yesterday, my partner, her mother, and I went to Formentera, Spain, a little island off of Ibiza, Spain. It was amazing. We're now in Ibiza, Spain, which is a little island not far from Barcelona, Spain, on the mainland of Spain. It feels a bit like that Inception movie. We traveled by boat to Formentera for a little vacation inside of another little vacation (Ibiza) and inside of another little vacation (Barcelona). Tomorrow I'll return to Barcelona for the Spring IO event. Yes, technically, this is work. But it's an oh-so-much pleasure, too. I can't wait! It'll be the first time I've seen a ton of these people in years! I hope to see y'all there or los vemos!

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